Vehicle Cooling System Repair in Centennial, CO

Here at Elite Imports & Auto Repair, we are your one-stop shop for all of your vehicle’s cooling systems needs. Your car has many different cooling systems, including the engine cooling system and your cabin air conditioning. The heating system is connected to these systems, too. When it comes to any issues with the engine cooling system, your air conditioning, or heating, you know that you can trust the ASE certified technicians here at our Centennial auto repair shop.

How Your Vehicle's Cooling System Functions

Your car’s engine cooling system is essential to the operation of the engine. Its job is to regulate the temperature of the engine, which tends to run at a very high temperature. The cooling system will keep the engine cool, preventing overheating and the damage that can occur from excessive heat over time. The engine cooling system will circulate coolant throughout the engine and then back through the radiator, where the heat is released. An issue with the engine cooling system can lead to engine failure, overheating, corrosion, and damage, so keeping it in pristine condition is vital to a healthy vehicle.

Be Aware of these Common Issues

The air conditioning system within your vehicle ensures that you and your passengers are comfortable on the road. The same goes for your heater in cooler weather, including the defroster which is essential for visibility in certain weather conditions. An issue with the air conditioning system can be due to a variety of factors, including a failing compressor, condenser, cooling fan, and more. A bad heater core can lead to heating problems, and heater issues are typically connected to your vehicle’s engine cooling system.

Experiencing Any of the Issues Above?

As soon as you recognize any issues with your engine running at a high temperature, a faulty A/C system, or problems with your car’s heater, it is important to get your car into our Centennial auto repair shop for an inspection at your earliest convenience. Our technicians work on all makes and models of vehicles, with a focus in European makes, and have the experience to get to the bottom of any issue at hand. Plus, our modern shop utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and tools to guarantee that your vehicle is always properly handled and repaired.

To prevent major cooling system issues over the years, our professionals can help you stay on top of your needed cooling systems maintenance and inspections. This includes checking for leaks, testing important parts for proper operation, and taking care of any issues early on. An engine cooling system fluid exchange is a service recommended approximately every 2 years and will remove the old coolant, flush and clean out the system, and replace it with fresh coolant.

When you need cooling systems repairs in Centennial, CO, the professionals here at Elite Imports & Auto Repair are here to help. Feel free to give us a call or schedule an appointment online today.