Vehicle Battery Replacement in Centennial, CO

Your car’s battery is essential to its overall operation - without a working battery, your car wouldn’t have the electricity to start up, or continue running. A dead battery is often obvious, due to the fact that you’ll have trouble starting up your car. However, there are many other components within the starting and charging system that could also be the culprit. As soon as you have trouble starting your car, keeping it running, or notice electrical issues, bring your vehicle into the experts here at Elite Imports & Auto Repair for professional assistance.

Why Elite Imports & Auto Repair for Battery Replacement?

Here at our Centennial, CO auto repair shop, we are the car battery specialists in the area for all makes and models of vehicles, with expertise in European makes. Our ASE certified technicians are equipped with the tools and equipment necessary to test your car’s battery and starting and charging systems to pinpoint the cause of your issues, and will provide you with a solution to get you back on the road. While a dying car battery can definitely be the source of electrical or starting issues, the problem can also be caused by a faulty alternator or other failing component.

Signifigance of Changing You Vehicle's Battery

Car batteries typically last between 3-5 years, depending on the quality of the battery and your car. It may be that your car battery is old and has lost all of its needed fluids, in which case it will just need to be replaced. While you may be tempted to replace the battery yourself, a professional at our shop can rule out any other issues and install a new battery safely for you. Car batteries have many harmful chemicals inside them, which can leak out of the terminals. This makes it dangerous for the average person to handle, and old batteries need to be disposed of properly which we can do at our shop.

Symptoms to look out for that can indicate a car battery problem:

  • Car is slow to start
  • Clicking noise when cranking your vehicle
  • Heavy corrosion or a build-up of battery acid around the terminals
  • Dim headlights or dashboard lights
  • Failing power windows, locks, or radio

At the first sign of any of the issues listed above, we invite you into our Centennial car battery shop for an inspection. Continuing to drive your vehicle with these warning signs can lead to being stranded, which will lead to more stress and money spent. You can trust that our experts will properly diagnose your vehicle and restore your vehicle in a timely manner.

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