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4 Horrible Driving Habits You Should Quit

Driving Over Speed Bump

At Elite Imports & Auto Repair, we understand how important the investment of your car is. The better you take care of your car, SUV, or truck, the better it will serve you in the long run. We see too many car owners who neglect car maintenance or make careless mistakes that end up hurting their vehicles. 

A common way that most people hurt their car is through lousy driving habits. The habits below can lead to mechanical problems that easily can be avoided if you simply quit:

Speeding On Bumpy Roads

When driving on a rough surface, such as gravel, speed bumps, or potholes, you need to be extra careful. Speeding over uneven grounds compromises the condition of your suspension parts. You also run the risk of blowing out your tires, bumping your wheels out of alignment, and steering off the road. 

Revving The Engine

Some drivers might think revving the engine is "cool", but it can actually hurt your vehicle. When you rev a cold motor, you're increasing the chances of damaging engine parts because they may not have been properly lubricated yet. 

Disregarding Dashboard Lights And Warnings

The lights on your car dashboard are there to help you stay informed on your vehicle's essential systems. It can alert you of a weak battery, low oil pressure, damaged sensors, and more. You should always pay attention to your dashboard and take your car to a trusted auto repair shop when any of these lights come on. Just because you can continue driving with the light on doesn't mean you should!

Hard Stops And Starts

Not only does this continuous action poorly affect your gas mileage, but it can also prematurely wear down your brake pads. Please avoid slamming on your gas/brake pedals whenever possible.

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