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4 Maintenance Items Drivers Tend to Forget About in the Winter

When vehicle owners prepare for colder weather in the winter, they often think about their tires and their battery. However, those two aren’t the only components that can cause issues for you this season. Seasonal maintenance is more involved than that. At Elite Imports & Auto Repairs, we can help you with your winter car prep so that you can enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. 

Below are the top 4 most forgotten auto maintenance items in the winter:

1 - Fluids

You should inspect everything from your motor oil to coolant to brake fluid. These solutions help lubricate your vehicle’s various systems. At the very least, you should top them off to ensure they are full. Additionally, you may consider flushing them to cleanse the system of build up and corrosion.

2 - Filters

The oil filter often gets changed with your oil, so you don’t have to worry about that one as much. However, your air and fuel filters tend to be left on the back burner. Both of these filters do a great deal in ensuring your engine performs seamlessly. If it has been 15,000-30,000 miles since you last checked on them, consider replacing them soon,

3 - Windshield Wipers

When driving through freezing rain and snow in the winter, you’ll need your dependable wiper blades to see. These can become brittle and sensitive to wear and tear, which is why it helps for you to run them with wiper fluid to check if they are in good shape. Feel free to wipe down the edges with rubbing alcohol. If they are at least 1 years old or no longer effective at clearing off your windshield, feel free to replace them.

4 - Belts and Hoses

These components tend to be made of delicate materials like rubber, so it is best if you check the wear and tear on these. If any cracks or tears are present, consider replacing the belt soon. For hoses, make sure there aren’t any leaks. Either problem can cause major damage and repairs.

You don’t have to go through all these items on your own. If you need assistance with your seasonal auto maintenance, feel free to contact the Elite Imports & Auto Repair team today.