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How Often to Replace Your Cabin Air Filter

Cabin Air Filter

The air in the passenger compartment is cleaned by a cabin air filter as it reaches the vehicle through the heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system. Before the air reaches your car, the filter clears it of dust, pollen, smoke, and other pollutants.

Many late-model vehicles have a cabin air filter, which is normally located around the glovebox area, including directly behind the glovebox with access to the filter either through or through glovebox removal. The cabin air filter can also be found in the back section of the outside air intake, above the fan, or between the fan and the HVAC enclosure. If you're not sure, have a mechanic look at your vehicle and see where the cabin filter is located before removing it.

When Do You Replace The Cabin Air Filter?

It can be difficult to know when to adjust the filter. You don't want to waste money by replacing it too fast, but you also don't want to wait until the filter stops working. According to recommendations, the cabin air filter in your car should be replaced every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, or even longer. Check your owner's manual for information on the manufacturer's maintenance schedule and when your car's air filter should be replaced.

The frequency at which you drive the car, the air quality in which you drive, and whether or not you drive in heavy traffic all play a role in deciding the best time to change the filter. When a vehicle air filter gets clogged over time, it filters out less dust, pollen, and other external pollutants. The air filter eventually becomes unreliable, causing the ventilation system's airflow to be disrupted. You should get it tested by a mechanic at this stage to see if it needs to be replaced.

What Are The Signs That The Cabin Air Filter Needs To Be Replaced?

Keep an eye out for signs that your cabin filter needs to be changed when you're driving. The following are some common signs that it's time to change your cabin filter:

  • A reduction in the airflow to the HVAC system when the filter material becomes clogged.

  • Noise from the fan has increased as it works harder to push fresh air through the filthy filter.

  • When you turn on the air conditioner in your car, it emits a foul odor.

Bring your car to our auto repair shop today if your cabin air filter needs to be replaced!