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How to Protect Your Car From the Brutal Winter

Driving in Snow

Let's be honest: winter can be quite harsh on your vehicle. From cold temperatures to icy or snowy conditions, you can expect to see some internal, external, or a combination of both kinds of damage to your car if you leave it parked outdoors. Preferably, it's best to sit your car in a garage during the cold winter, but not everyone has the real estate to do so. How else can you protect your car from the brutal winter?

If parking your vehicle in a garage isn't an option for you this season, here are four tips to protect your car this winter!

Protect your glass

We've all been a victim of struggling to get the layer of ice off of our windshields in the morning. To avoid the hard work and time every morning, you should invest in a windshield snow cover. This barrier may not completely block your car from other obstructions, but it effectively prevents ice from forming on your windshield. 

Cover your car

If you don't want just to cover the windshield, why not the entire car? Car covers are a great investment and can shield your entire car from external elements like the sun, wind, rain, hail, and snow. Remember to pick a covering that is water-resistant!

Be mindful when parking

If you can't park in a garage, you should still be smart about where you park. Try to avoid parking under trees and other hanging structures. Snow and ice can build upon these areas and ultimately drop on your vehicle. Don't risk this sort of damage to your car by parking elsewhere!

Always have a backup plan 

As you may already know, cold weather presents many challenges for your vehicle, especially your battery. The cold can weaken your battery, leaving you no other option than having to jump-start your car, so pack a pair of jumper cables with you. Another option is to purchase a portable power station, so you don't have to rely on help from another vehicle. 

We hope you found our tips helpful, and we hope it helps your car survive through the bitter cold months. Just remember that maintenance is always important, no matter what season it is. If you need an oil change or tire rotation, feel free to reach out to the experts at Elite Imports & Auto Repair. For questions or to make an appointment, please call us.