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Safe Driving Tips for Your Teen Driver

Teen Driver

If you have a teen who is just starting out on the road, you may be a little anxious or worried every time your child gets behind the wheel. You may have doubts whether you have done enough training and preparation to ensure they drive safe and smart. Though every parent may feel this at this point in their child's life, here are some ways you can prepare your new teen driver. Here are some important rules and techniques to set for your teenager to become a more competent and better driver: 

  • Be a good example for your children. Believe it or not, many teenagers will replicate their parents ' bad driving habits without even knowing it. They've learned and made a mental note from observing your driving throughout the years. This is why parents need to follow the traffic laws, drive slowly, and always buckle up.
  • Limit your teen's night driving. Driving at night can be strenuous for everyone, no matter your age. To ease your mind, you should start by just letting your child drive during the day. Once they get more practice driving, you can be more relaxed knowing they can handle driving at night.
  • Don't let them drive with other teenagers in the car just yet. Having a bunch of teens crammed inside a vehicle can be a huge distraction for your new driver. 
  • Practice, practice, PRACTICE. There's no better way to learn than to get your child behind the wheel. Please be sure to incorporate directions on turning, merging, parking, and switching lanes during your training.
  • Pick a safe vehicle for them to drive. The vehicle one operates plays a considerable role in your safety. While your child may want a fast, sporty car, it's better to start them off with something more reliable and basic.

We hope these tips make you feel a little more confident and comfortable with your new driver on the road. Last but not least, please do not forget to have your teen's car serviced on time at our auto repair shop to ensure their safety. For reliable and honest auto services in Centennial, CO, please call or visit Elite Imports & Auto Repair today!