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Signs Its Time For Fuel System Cleaning

Making sure your car is running smoothly is a priority for any car owner. Regular car checkups and maintenance routines can avoid the car problems experienced. To prevent car breakdowns always check on the critical components in your car.

When these small problems build up in a car, the cost implication is felt by the owner and they may cause more serious damage to the car engine. These problems are at times confused with sensor faults while on the contrary, they are small rectifiable faults.

The fuel system is an important feature in a car that has several components that work effectively to make sure the vehicle performs as expected. The fuel pump stores and supplies fuel to the cylinder chamber where it is vaporized mixed with air and burned to produce energy that enables the car to move.

The fuel system is made up of the fuel tank, carburetors, fuel injectors, pumps, and oil filters. To ensure the mobility of the vehicle and minimal breakdowns getting the fuel system cleaned up is needed. These are the signs that its time for a fuel system cleaning;

When the oil injectors are clogged or dirty the engine misfires due to incomplete combustion in one or more cylinders which results in low or no power production. You may feel the vehicle vibrating due to the engine spluttering. This happens when driving.

When the vehicle starts roughly

Also referred to as a rough idle, is also a sign that you need to clean the fuel system. The vehicle vibrates immediately and then stops after a while due to the lack of enough fuel supply to the engine by the injectors.

Acceleration lag

When you step on the accelerator to speed up or to move from a stationary position and the vehicle fights back by not picking up the speed then the engine is not getting enough gasoline. This is due to the fuel filters and injectors being clogged, cleaning them up is required.

When the vehicle loses power when going uphill

When the vehicle is in an uphill terrain, the gear engaged should be able to overcome. When the car losses power and struggle to climb a hilly terrain then the engine is not getting enough power. Checking the fuel system is needed.

If you encounter vehicle problems such as these with your vehicle's fuel system, visit Elite Imports & Auto Repair and get your car problem sorted by a team of professionals who understand your car needs.