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Signs That Indicate You Need Transmission Repairs

Other than the engine, the transmission is next in line to be the most integral component of your car, SUV, or truck. As your vehicle ages, you will eventually need transmission services done. The transmission system comprises many parts that can be repaired, rebuilt, or replaced. 


In most cases, you shouldn’t require a replacement (as they can be very costly). If you take care of your transmission and regularly have it inspected, you can fix transmission problems at the first signs of trouble. Here are some key red flags that indicate you have a transmission problem:

Difficulty Getting In Gear

If your vehicle hesitates or struggles to stay in gear, it is a clear sign that you should bring your car to an auto repair shop to have the transmission inspected. Leaving this symptom alone can cause extensive repairs and accidents down the line.

Leaky Fluid

Transmission fluid helps lubricate the parts and keeps the transmission at optimal temperature. It is a bright red fluid, so you can’t miss it if it leaks. As soon as you catch red fluid puddles, please bring your car to our auto repair shop immediately.

Burning Smell

When transmission fluid is left too long, it can deteriorate. In the process, it turns dark red and loses its smell. In severe cases, the transmission fluid can burn if the transmission gets too hot.

Clunking and/or Whining Sounds

A bad transmission can create a lot of unusual noises. If your car makes these noises, specifically when it is in neutral, you should have the transmission system looked at.


If your vehicle displays any of the failing transmission symptoms above, please be proactive and take it to a trusted auto repair shop right away. This will keep the damage and repairs to a minimum so that you can return to the road without worries. For all your transmission services and repairs, we invite you to Elite Imports & Auto Repairs today.