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Tire Maintenance Tips

Tire maintenance is crucial for your vehicle overall because a good set of tires is a huge factor for your safety on the road. If you've ever driven in the rain and hydroplaned, you understand that uncertainty that comes along with driving with tires with low tread. It can cause your vehicle to lose control and can make braking or turning difficult. That is why taking care of your tires over time is so important!

What are some of the ways that you can better maintain your tires? Well, for starters, tire rotations are an easy way to ensure that each tire wears evenly and at the same speed as the other tires. A tire rotation takes your tires and moves them around, that way they can all wear down the same. This is because, typically, your front tires will wear down quicker than the back ones. This service should be done at every oil change or every 5,000 miles or so. By evening out your tire wear, you'll save money on replacement tires and will be able to replace them all rather than one or two at a time.

Another great tire maintenance service is tire balancing. This makes sure that the weight is evenly distributed between all four tires, preventing against one tire from being under more pressure than the others. Unbalanced tires can lead to one or two tires wearing out faster than the others. When all your tires are balanced, you let your tires wear evenly and at a good pace.

Wheel alignment is another service that is often paired with tire maintenance. While this alignment service focuses on the angles of the wheels, not the tires, it affects the condition of your tires. This is because driving with bad wheel alignment can wear out your tires excessively and unevenly. A common sign that you need a wheel alignment is the feeling that your vehicle is pulling to one side - many drivers have experienced this! As soon as you notice this, it is time for a wheel alignment service.

Lastly, another excellent way to manage your tires is by making sure that they always have the right air pressure. Your vehicle will likely alert you when air is low in a tire, however, checking them periodically is worth the time. Never ignore a tire that is low on air - it can lead to the tire wearing down significantly, it can decrease your fuel efficiency, and can put you at risk for tire blowouts while on the road.

If you need assistance maintaining your tires, bring your car to our shop today!