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Want to Improve Your Gas Mileage? Here’s How

Gas Pump

With the demand for gas increasing this summer, gas prices seem to be on the rise again. Whether you're going back into the office for work or heading to the beach for a much-needed getaway, getting the most out of your gas will once again be a priority. Here are some helpful tips to improve your fuel mileage:

1) Pay Close Attention to Your Tires

There are three factors regarding tires that will impact your fuel consumption: tires out of tread, tires out of alignments, and imbalanced tires. 

2) Take It Easy On The Gas 

Research shows that driving slower and smoother has more significant savings. Every time you jack up your RPM when accelerating, you're burning more fuel—the less of that you do, the more money you'll save. 

3) Consider Using Cruise Control on the Highway

If your car has a cruise control setting, you might consider using it to maximize your MPG. Using this feature on the highway will save you some coin by putting your car at a steady and consistent speed. 

4) Do Not Hold Your Foot on the Brake Pedal

This act might seem strange, but some people do this as a matter of preparedness. Try to avoid doing this since you can lightly pressure the brake pads against your own acceleration. 

5) Travel Light

Clean out your cabin and trunk and free yourself from all that junk. Extra weight in the car produces drag on the engine and will make your vehicle consume excess gas. Don't haul anything too heavy unless you have to.

The 6th and final tip we have is to bring your car into our shop for routine maintenance. We can also inspect your vehicle and help you find any problem areas that may be affecting a loss in fuel efficiency. If you think your car is failing to produce the fuel mileage it should, we welcome you to Elite Imports & Auto Repair today!