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What Car Noises Signal Trouble

Woman Covering Ears

Your car has thousands of moving parts, so it's not unusual to hear a random noise every now and then, right? While some sounds are not a concern, others may indicate trouble brewing within your vehicle. If you hear any of these five unusual car sounds, you should bring your car to Elite Imports & Auto Repair so our technicians can further investigate.

Hissing from the Engine

If you hear a sss sound coming from the front end of your car, more often than not, it is an engine problem. A hose may have been corrupted and released pressure, which is why you may hear this sound. Furthermore, it can mean that you have a fluid leak that can ultimately hurt your engine and surrounding components. Please have this inspected as soon as possible to avoid a big problem like engine overheating.  

Squeaking or Squealing While Braking

Brake pads are known to make a high-pitched squealing noise once they've worn down. Most of the time, this is just an audible signal to remind you that you need your brake pads replaced.

Knocking from the Engine

Loud engine knocking can indicate a grave issue. This type of noise can be caused by various things, like bad spark plugs or carbon deposits, which can lead to irreversible engine damage. It would be best to have a professional diagnose and mend it ASAP so that you can avoid costly repairs down the line.

Rattling when Driving

It can be complicated to diagnose a rattling sound when driving, but one of the most common explanations for rattling is loose wheel bearings. If these go out, you could completely lose control of your vehicle. 

Please do not overlook any odd sounds you hear when driving. Instead, we invite you to bring your car to Elite Imports & Auto Repair for a thorough inspection. Our certified technicians will be able to tell if there are any major concerns and whether repairs are needed.