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What Fluids Need To Be Changed In My Car?

Keeping a regular maintenance and repair schedule is one of the most important things for a car owner. Fluid and oil changes are some of the most common reasons for a visit to a local repair facility. Wondering what fluids you should have flushed and changed? Below, you will find an answer to when, how, and where.

Engine And Transmission Oil

Both your engine and transmission require a specific oil to operate. There are different oil types, for example, synthetic, completely organic, and a mix of both. Changing these fluids can prevent the build-up of debris, overheating, and many more complications you would want to avoid. Your owner's manual has recommended intervals in which you should have oil changes performed. Another option is a visit to a repair shop so they can determine what is best for your car.

Brake Fluid

If you are experiencing a spongy brake pedal or slower braking times, you may have an issue with the brake fluid. In short, brake fluid runs through thin pipes that connect the brake pedal to the rest of the braking system. If filth builds up or there isn't enough oil, brakes can fail, which means your safety is at risk.

Power Steering Fluid

Turning your steering wheel with ease happens because of one particular system in your vehicle - the power steering system. A variety of parts and components work together to make every turn and adjustment on the road effortless. Leaks or old fuels can cause difficulties if they haven't been taken care of in time. Power steering flushes and changes aren't performed all the time, but you have to keep them in mind. We advise you to have it serviced, and you will feel the difference immediately.


Coolant levels should always be at the line. The last thing you want is an overheating engine or dead A/C. If you top it off and it continues to go away, visit a shop for an inspection because you might have a leak somewhere in the system.

Fluid Services You Can Trust

Our team of certified professionals will be glad to help with any fluid change or service procedure that is due. Contact Elite Imports & Auto Repair to schedule an appointment!