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Why Am I Hearing Weird Noises When I Go Over A Bump?

Why Am I Hearing Weird Noises When I Go Over A Bump? | Elite Imports & Auto Repairs

You are driving like normal and suddenly, as you go over a bump in the road, you hear a strange, unsettling noise coming from your beloved vehicle. What could it be, you might ask? Well, the reasons can be a few but don't worry because we will go over them and explain each and every one!

The Clunk and Clank of Suspensions

Let's start with the most common suspect: your car's suspension system. When you hit a bump, your car's suspension system works diligently to absorb the shock. However, worn-out or damaged suspension components can lead to unsettling noises. A clunk or clank might indicate issues with your shocks, struts, or control arms. It's crucial to have these components inspected and, if necessary, replaced to ensure a smoother and quieter ride.

Loose or Worn Bushings

Underneath your vehicle, there are numerous rubber and polyurethane components known as bushings. These play a crucial role in reducing vibrations and noise. Over time, bushings can wear out or become loose, causing those bothersome sounds. If you're experiencing noises when going over bumps, check your bushings for signs of wear and tear.

Exhaust System Troubles

Sometimes, the culprit behind mysterious noises isn't your car's suspension but the exhaust system. A loose or damaged exhaust component can rattle when you hit a bump. This can be particularly concerning, as exhaust issues can impact your car's performance and fuel efficiency.

The Menace of Brakes

Your car's brake system, specifically the brake pads and calipers, can also be the source of those enigmatic sounds. If your brake pads are worn down, they can rattle or create a squealing noise when encountering bumps. Ignoring brake-related noises can lead to safety hazards, so it's wise to have your brakes checked at the earliest sign of trouble.

Loose or Broken Engine Mounts

Sometimes, the source of the noise can be lurking under the hood. The engine mounts, which secure the engine to the car's frame, can become loose or damaged, leading to thumping or knocking sounds when you hit a bump. A thorough inspection by a mechanic can diagnose and resolve this issue.

If you don't want to second guess it, visit Elite Imports & Auto Repairs and we will get your vehicle in for an inspection and, if needed, repair