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Why Does My Car A/C Feel Warm?

It's frustrating and annoying for a car's air conditioner to blow warm air when it's hot outside. You expect the air to be cool so that you can have a comfortable ride. Warm air indicates that your air conditioner has a problem.

Besides discomfort, hot air can be dangerous when the temperature becomes uncontrollably high.

Here are reasons why your car's A/C feels warm:

Leaking Refrigerant

A Leak can happen anywhere, and it is difficult for you to detect. It might be a worn-out valve, a loose joint, or even a punctured evaporator. When there is a leakage somewhere in the refrigerant, it becomes difficult for the system to work appropriately.

It's recommendable for you to contact an expert to fix the leakage in the refrigerant. The process will help the AC eliminate humidity and heat from the cabin appropriately.

A Malfunctioning Compressor

A compressor helps to circulate refrigerant and remove heat in the system. When the compressor is not engaging, you'll have a serious problem with your AC. Several reasons can cause a compressor to malfunction, such as refrigerant levels, compressor clutch, or a weary compressor.

Broken/Blocked Condenser

A condenser cools hot refrigerant once it passes through the compressor. Due to the condenser's location (at the front end of a car), it is easier for dirt and debris to get in quickly.

The process leads to blockage, making it hard for the condenser to cool down the temperature. You might try to remove some debris, but it's better to seek professional help to avoid further damage.

When the debris or dirt has damaged the condenser beyond repair, you'll be forced to buy another one. A similar case happens when your condenser is broken and can't be repaired.

A Faulty Blend Door

A blend door is a hatch that allows you to heat or cool your car. When you turn the cooling options, and all you get is warm air, the blend door isn't working correctly. This fault indicates that a blend door has a problem somewhere, and you'll need a mechanic to solve the issue.


What Is the Appropriate Solution if I want an AC To Cool My Car Again?

Incase you experience or suspect any of the highlighted problems, it's better to seek professional assistance.

If you need car A/C diagnostics performed, give Elite Imports & Auto Repair a call today!