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Why Vehicle Manufacturers Put Recommended Services in Place

Your vehicle is probably one of the most convenient tools that you own. As someone who has used enough tools in their life, I'm sure you have noticed how much a tool's efficiency and life expectancy increases with regular maintenance.

Be it a computer, a lawn mower, or even yourself, a little care and maintenance go a long way. This is why manufacturers insist on particular regular services for you to still be qualified for a warranty. Here are some of the benefits of keeping up with recommended services:

  1. Prevents costly repairs

Regular maintenance is a very good way of preventing costly future repairs. This is partly because costly repairs are a result of a build-up of minute problems. These minute problems are what we hope to achieve with each maintenance.

This can be in the form of checking the levels of your oil or transmission fluid. This is to ensure that they are at the advised levels and are running efficiently. A quick look at the car's air conditioning system and engine cooling system might also reveal issues you might have overlooked.

  1. Improves a vehicle's gas mileage

A proven way of ensuring that you get the most from your vehicle is by making sure that you have a healthy engine and tires. As simple as it sounds, this principle isn't as easy to enforce.

For your tires, regular practices like rotating your tires and ensuring their pressure is up to factory standards will go a long way in making sure that they are in the best shape and wear evenly. For your engine changing your oil does the trick.

  1. Increases the Life Expectancy of your car

If you thought that was all, studies have shown that regular maintenance also increases your vehicle's life expectancy while ensuring performance doesn't dip over time.

Replacing parts like your cabin air filter can greatly extend your engine's life while improving performance at the same time. Brake rotors and pads also need regular checking to ensure they don't cause accidents due to wear.

When you need vehicle maintenance performed, bring your vehicle to the experts at Elite Imports & Auto Repair!